EZcheck Premium—The World's First Professional Blockchain OBD Diagnostic Tool

Designed for ease of use while giving you the data you need, EZcheck premium is the world's first professional blockchain OBD2 diagnositc tool. It releases Tokens, which can be obtained via driving or carrying out rountine vehicle diagnosis when keeping the connector pluggine into OBD port.

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Key Features

1、Read & Clear codes: read &clear codes, read and clear diagnostic trouble codes such as memory, pending and historic codes.

2、I/M(Smog Check): check if the vehicle is ready for a smog or emissions test and make the vehicle more environment friendly.

3、Live data: capture and share any live data supported by the vehicle.

4、Driving behavior: driving behavior analysis helps you assess the daily driving and make you drive more safely.

5、Diagnostic report: for each DTC, generates a report that contains VIN, code definition and possible causes

Value of Token mechanism

CDB will introduce token mechanism. Token can be obtained by making contributions to CDB community (strategic investments, teams, contribution data and eco-building) and can be used to pay for various products and services within the ecosystem. Token users both inside and outside the CDB system involve all participants of CDB, including data providers such as drivers, car owners, car dealers, garages, data utilizers such as 2nd hand car dealers, insurance companies, car finance companies, and other participants who have contributions to or a need for CDB. The value of Token is reflected in the following aspects:

1) Under established rules, the issuance of Token is based on contribution to CDB and a great ecosystem of CDB will be built together. Token means the reward for contribution and it is of great market value;

2) All data assets in the CDB system will, in the future, represent sufficient market value, individually or in packaged form, and the market value is mainly measured by Token. Token will become a measure of value within the CARS system. The specific value will be determined by supply and demand condition;

3) While CDB continues to grow, Token, as a dealing instrument within the system, will continue to grow in value with the development of CDB and will also serve as a long-term important asset for CARS participants;

4) In the future, CDB blockchain will not only see rapid development in car sector but will be linked up with other blockchains in the Internet of Everything. At the same time, Token will become a cross-chain pricing and dealing method, which will also increase its value;

Token’s value will be mainly determined by the supply and demand. Due to the established rules for Token’s issuance, the status of Token on the supply side is clearer; the demand for Token inside and outside the CDB system will come from both data-asset users and Token-derived functions brought by the fast development of CDB.

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