Don't Forget Basic Tire Service Before Your Road Trip!

There are few things that can be as enjoyable as going on that summer road trip with your friends or family, out on the open road enjoying the sites at a leisurely pace. While a road trip is a great way to vacation, it is important to drive as safe as possible in order to limit the risk of injury or vehicle problems. One of the most important items to take care of when preparing for a road trip is with a tire inspection and the related repairs.

Of course, an inspection and tire service every 10,000 miles will help keep your tires in good working order at all times. Doing so can greatly reduce the potential for tire and car damage. Your tire repair specialist will look for damage to the integrity of the tire, checking for pinholes in the rubber that can quickly grow and become a problem, as well as inordinate tread wear from road friction. A tire repair specialist will also make sure that your tires are properly inflated and that they are properly attached to the wheel axis.

While many of these tire repair items seem to be common sense repairs, they can greatly enhance the enjoyment of your road trip by increasing your driving safety as well as by cutting down your expenses. Properly inflated tires are less likely to develop problems and holes in them and are also more efficient in terms of gas mileage. Pinholes can quickly become a big problem and worn tread can blow-out and lead to an accident. Another item to consider is a tire rotation service. This will help extend the life of your tires while making sure they are properly affixed to your wheel and supported by your braking system.

Taking care of tire repair before your road trip will result in a more cost-effective and worry-free vacation. That is, after all, what a happy vacation is all about.