It's time for Summer Tire Service!

Check Your Tires Before You Go!

We all love a good vacation during summertime. Traveling from place to place to see all the different things can be exciting! However, it is not a good idea to take on such trips without having a car checkup. Making sure your vehicle is up for the trip is a very important issue to tend to.

One major thing to make sure is in good condition is your tires. Tire service is always important if you are a daily driver, but going on a road trip, whether long or short, it is especially vital. No one wants to be driving down the road in the middle of a strange place and have a blowout!

The tread wear is exceptionally important, as well. Having to find a tire repair shop takes time away from your traveling and from your vacationing, so make sure your tires have adequate tread to prevent these blowouts and also provide grip on wet roads in case of bad weather!

Another service that needs to be checked before starting a road trip is the air pressure (measured in pounds per square inch, psi). All four tires should have the same amount of pressure in each. Invest in a tire gauge, or ask your mechanic to check them. It is usually a courtesy service. If the inflation pressure is not even, it can cause your vehicle to eat up more fuel. It can also cause the steering to be too loose or too tight, which can lead to an accident.

The braking system is one more thing to have checked out during your tire service. Making sure your brakes are working properly is critical, so play it safe and have them inspected before you head out on your road trip.

So, although tire service seems so simple and basic, it is one of the most important services for your vehicle!