Can New Tires Affect Gas Mileage?

Unless you have money to throw away, you are probably conscious of your car’s gas mileage. Maybe you have never considered the condition of your tires and whether or not they can adversely affect mileage. Tires can play an important role in helping you get the best gas mileage and save money when it’s time to purchase gasoline. You might have asked; “Can new tires affect gas mileage?” Your choice of tires, proper inflation, and tread depth, or the newness of your tires, most certainly affects your gas mileage.

When it’s time to purchase new tires for your car, be sure to consider tread type and to purchase tires that meet at least the manufacturer’s minimum requirement for your vehicle. There are several other factors to consider when purchasing new tires; all-season tread, tread life rating, and braking capabilities.

Some tire specialists have suggested that new tires can improve fuel economy by an additional one or two mpg. But proper care and maintenance of your tires is equally important if you want to maintain good fuel economy.

Here are some helpful tips for getting the most fuel economy from your tires:

Like proper footwear, good tires that are properly maintained will give your car the best performance and gas mileage possible.