Engine Rebuild: Yes or No

There are many signs that your vehicle requires engine service, including oil sludge, knocking sounds, excessive smoke, burning oil quickly, compression loss, and losing too much fuel, often a result of neglecting routine engine service. However, the choice to try a simple engine repair, or go further with an engine rebuild, typically comes down to a personal one. Some things to keep in mind when considering an engine rebuild include:

What is the Mileage?

If your car has 150,000 miles or more, is not running properly, has locked up, burning oil, or making noise, then it is important to note that an engine rebuild might be to costly due to the extensive repairs involved, which might include increasing the cylinder diameters to accept new ones, and more. Therefore, it may be best to actually replace the engine or simply invest in a new or used car in order to avoid costly parts and repairs.

Why Did the Engine Fail?

If your car has lost compression in one or multiple cylinders or is burning oil, then it may simply require a ring and valve job. A ring and valve job is usually the least expensive because it typically does not involve removing the engine block from the car. On the other hand, an engine rebuild that requires removing the engine block from the car or a complete rebuilt exchange can lead to more expensive parts and labor.

Do You Like the Car?

If you like your car and are not thrilled by the cost or idea of purchasing a new or used one, then you may consider rebuilding the engine. However, keep in mind that a car is much more than the engine, meaning that other issues may need to be addressed to make sure the whole vehicle is road-worthy.

If you are experiencing car problems, a thorough inspection will help determine any pending issues that may be developing and pin-point the root cause of the problem so that the right repair can be done!