Audi Start/Stop System TSB

This informational TSB applies to Audi vehicles with a start/stop system. The start/stop system allows automatic engine stops and starts. Although the driver expects it, the engine may not automatically be switched off/on due to many different factors.

Models: 2013-‘16 A7, A6, A8 and Q5, 2016-‘17 A4, S6, Q7 and TT

For the start/stop system to work, there must be no malfunctions or fault entry in any control that could affect its operation. Vehicles with start/stop systems cannot be legally disabled.

The engine cannot automatically be switched off unless the following conditions apply:

In the following situations, the engine is not automatically switched on:

In the following situations, the engine starts automatically without driver involvement (without pressing the clutch pedal):

Requirements for the engine to be started deliberately by the driver after being turned off:

If a customer complaint is confirmed, check for codes and diagnose with a scan tool. If the problem can’t be resolved with a scan tool, more information regarding self-diagnostic procedures can be found in the service information.

The start/stop system is complex and a number of the aforementioned conditions affect its operation. In many cases, concerns about the start/stop system may actually be regarding normal operation or be influenced by the actions of the driver or passenger.