Golo IOV Data Technology Co. , Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as Golo IOV ) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a public company Launch Tech Co., Ltd. Golo IOV was founded on July 22nd, 2014, of which registered capital is RMB 10 million .

 LAUNCH Tech Co Ltd was founded in 1992 and is the first professional high-tech company of in China for developing, producing and selling manufacture that providing a full range of Auto Diagnosis, Auto Testing, Auto Cleaning equipment and service solutions for workshops. Launch was listed on the Hong Kong stock market in 2002 (HK STOCK CODE: 2488) and is one of the first Domestic enterprises which successfully financed in Hong Kong.


Golo IOV develops its business both online and offline in domestic and global market. To vigorously promote the strategic international development, Golo IOV set up overseas branches in United States, South Korea, Canada, etc.; accelerate the global market exploration and now is moving towards international level on brand, market, team, techniques and management


  Work for customers, Achieve ourselves. Golo IOV worked out great auto industry solutions and created ecosystem for repair technicians. Prepared to provide service for our customers, we devote ourselves to the development of auto network. As an important strategic subsidiary of Launch Tech Co. Ltd, Golo IOV has already launched data solutions of auto network and established online community technicians. With a variety of auto solutions, Golo IOV provides premium customer service and developed a great ecosystems.


The main business of Golo IOV is internet operation of automotive aftermarket. With the core of automotive big data, It covers artificial intelligence algorithm, developing and selling smart phone based OBDII tools.


Easydiag and EZdiag(Global Market)

Easydiag 2.0, Mdiag, Golo easydiag+ are portable auto diagnostic device based on mobile applications and network. By connecting to smartphones via bluetooth, they can access full system of over 90% cars, including reading and clearing DTC, reading data stream, actuation test, special functions, etc. The car software provided by Golo IOV covers almost all the vehicle models in the world.


  • 2016.6

    In 2016, Tom Guo, ex-vice president of Shanda Group and vice president of Amazon China, served as vice president of Shenzhen Launch Technology Co. Ltd. and CEO of Shenzhen Golo IOV Data Technology Co. Ltd

  • 2016.9

    In Sep. 2016 Launch Tech.(02488.HK) founded “Launch Network Strategic Committee”. Tom Guo became the member of the committee.

  • 2016.11

    In Nov. 2016, Professional Skills Competition of Auto Remote Diagnosis for outstanding technicians, held by Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Administration and Launch Technology Co. Ltd, came to a successful end.

  • 2016.11

    On Nov. 22nd, 2016, on South Korea BACH Forum, Launch Technology Co. Ltd and Golo IOV Data Technology Co. Ltd declared that Golo H1 Project was launched, aiming at strategic development in South Koreas and establishing a great ecosystem.